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About Family Futures

Origins and Mandate

Family Futures originated in 1994 as the Child Mother Futures Program. It was guided by a management committee of three partnering agencies, the YWCA, Catholic Family Services and the Prince Albert Community Pregnancy Support Program. In 2002,the management committee recognized that the organization had grown and moved to become incorporated as an independent non-profit registered charitable corporation under the name Family Futures, Inc.


Family Futures is a voluntary program and our participants are largely self referred. Among the at risk families in Prince Albert, Family Futures has become synonymous with respectful, accessible and practical support in helping them build healthier families.  Referrals are also received from other community organizations and government departments such as Public Health, Social Services, various physicians as well as KidsFirst.  We do not duplicate KidsFirst services but rather complement them and partner with them to support at risk families outside of their targeted areas. 3 KidsFirst Home Visitors are part of our staff, having access to all Family Futures programs and supports.  KidsFirst is a valuable partner in supporting Family Futures, Inc.

Core Program Goals

Through a holistic approach, our program is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote and support healthy pregnancies among at-risk mothers to achieve positive outcomes
  • Promote personal growth and healthy lifestyle choices for at-risk parents to strengthen the family and create healthier environments for raising children
  • Promote and support healthy development for infants and children and to reduce risks to their physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Improve the quality of nutrition for children, pregnant women and families
  • Contribute to building community capacity to address needs of families at risk