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Our Core program currently provides services to over 300 women per year.

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Family Futures Programs & Services

Outreach Worker Home Visits

Qualified outreach workers provide home visits to a current caseload of approximately 150 women and families per month, half on a bi weekly basis and half on an as needed basis. The majority of these women are pregnant or within the first six months after childbirth. Home visits involve:

  • Teddy Bear ImageDelivering milk coupons for pregnant, breast feeding, and early postnatal mothers – over 27,000 litres of milk distributed in 2016-2017
  • Information, referrals and assistance such as transportation, if needed, to access health care
  • Information, referrals, and advocacy to access other services
  • Information/education regarding pregnancy, infant care, breast feeding, parenting, etc..
  • Intervention, referrals and support to resolve family crisis related to addictions, violence, homelessness, criminal justice involvement, and so on.
  • Social support, problem solving, advocating and encouragement

Dietitian Services

Referrals are made to a certified Dietitian who will conduct nutritional assessments for prenatal participants, providing home visits or office consultations as needed.  

Weekly Programs

All Family Futures participants as well as any community families may attend a variety of weekly group programs. All these programs are popular and well attended. Our Outreach workers act as Facilitators or Co Facilitators for these programs. Weekly programs of 2-hour sessions include:

  • Baby Image Moms 4 Life – Based on the determinants of health and personal development, our facilitators lead a group of young women on a personal development journey and prenatal information through weekly workshops. This program is offered in our facility with child care, transportation and a meal provided.
  • Parenting Classes – Held twice a year during Spring and Fall. Currently held in our facility with child care, transportation and meal offered.

Licensed ChildcareSoother Image

Part of Family Futures mandate has always been to provide on-site child care for parents and families who are involved in our programs. In 2003 this program grew to include a fully licensed child care facility capable of accommodating up to 9 infants and 6 toddlers during the daytime hours. During 2009-2010 we expanded to include 3 Licensed Centres - 196 - 9 Street East - 52 spaces for infants, toddlers and preschool; King George Centre - 17 preschool and 13 schoolage spaces; Riverside Centre - 6 infants, 10 toddlers and 16 preschool plus school age care. Our childcare is designed to promote healthy child development with professional childcare staff.

Emergency and Crisis Services

We carry emergency supplies of infant formula as well as diapers and other infant care items to assist families in crisis who may or may not be part of our programs.  We make every effort to provide assistance in every crisis situation presented to us.

Additional Services

Other free services for Family Futures participants include a quarterly newsletter, income tax assistance, access to laundry facilities, a resource lending library, and a used maternity and baby clothing depot.